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For over 30 years, Adcomm Advertising has helped industry leading companies effectively communicate with their audience.

The Story Behind the ‘As Seen On TV Logo’

Where it all Started – We have many successful product stories in our 30 plus years, the one that is most memorable is the modern day “AS SEEN ON TV” logo that we helped create for the Ambervision Sunglasses. From those early days, Adcomm has been instrumental in the evolution of the AS SEEN ON TV products into a legitimate retail category. Our modern day AS SEEN ON TV logo has become an icon for an entire industry.

Rustoleum/Wipe New - Adcomm Goes Beyond ‘As Seen On TV’

We were hired in 2013 to take over the TV commercials for Wipe New. Adcomm created multiple successful product campaigns for the Wipe New brand, including six TV Commercials, corresponding retail product packages, in-store displays, line extensions packages, print advertising, graphic design for the website, and more. Adcomm Wipe New campaigns helped turn a young new brand into a nationally recognize brand that was ultimately acquired by Rust-Oleum.

Pocket Hose
Hoses Can Sell In The Winter!

We helped the Pocket Hose become the biggest brand name for domestic hoses. The original Pocket Hose commercial was written, directed, and produced by us. We also created innovative packaging that had never been used to sell hoses at retail before. Our Pocket Hose campaign was so successful, we helped our client sell thousands of Pocket Hoses in the middle of winter and ultimately made Pocket House a household name brand.

Sobakawa Pillow - Reinvisioning Product Demos & Extending Product Lifecycles

For nearly a decade, our campaigns have made Sobakawa one of the most famous pillow brands in the world. Our TV commercials for these pillows featured unique and innovative demonstrations that compelled consumers to purchase thousands of Sobakawa Pillows. We also created packaging and displays which successfully and continuously drive sales at retail.


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