Top Five Reason Why You Need A New Website

Have you had the same website since 1999? Do you want to increase the visibility of your small business or corporation? If the answer to either—or both, we won’t judge—questions is yes, then you likely need a new website. Yes, a new website will take time and money, but the payout will be immense.

In this article, we will give you the top five reasons why you need a new website today. And, when you are ready to take the plunge, contact Adcomm Advertising. We have the experience and the tools you need to create a great new website.

Five Reasons You Need A New Website

Still not convinced that you need a new website? Here are the top five reasons that a new website can spiff up your business in no time.


SEO—or search engine optimization—rules the roost in today’s world. It is the process that organically increases unpaid traffic to your website. If you want to get noticed in searches, then you need to have an SEO plan. There are many ways that you increase your SEO traffic. But, updating your website to add SEO concepts is essential.


Social media is another important facet of today’s online marketing strategy. When you update your website, you can add social media connectivity right into the design. This allows people to find and follow you on all of your social media accounts—yes, you need some—with the click of a button.

Responsive design.

Responsive design optimizes your website for tablet and mobile phone viewers. Most people have and use a mobile device every day. If your website uses the same website address for all tablets and cell phones no matter the make or brand as well as on traditional computers, then you will drive even more traffic and receive even more customers.

New, and up-to-date design.

Most people judge a book by its cover. So, if you have a website that is full of dancing GIFs or page hit counters, people may dismiss you as old fashioned. A new, up-to-date website design will show viewers that your company is cutting edge and continues to be active and change with the times.


And that brings us to our final reason to update your website in 2019, it helps your brand. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, you need a brand. If your website tells viewers that you are old-fashioned, they may pass you by. Instead, you need a new website design to make your purpose and brand as a company clear to any potential customer.


Obviously, only you can decide if it is time for a new website. However, if you choose to take the plunge, Adcomm Advertising is here to help. We have over thirty years’ experience in the advertising world. And, we specialize in all facets of advertising, including website design.

You don’t want to update your website by using the same template every other company has used. Instead, get a bespoke website intimately connected to your brand and vision. Adcomm Advertising is here to help you communicate effectively with your audience through your updated website design. Contact us today to learn more.