Top Three Trends in Digital Marketing

So, you’re trying to increase your business’s online presence. If you are new to digital marketing, you should know that it is no longer fine to just create a website and let everything work itself out. You need a crystal-clear digital marketing strategy.

The best way to optimize your digital marketing is to hire a professional company. You should consider AdComm Advertising. We have over thirty years of advertising experience in traditional and digital spaces. Let us help you increase your bottom line by employing the following three top trends in digital marketing in 2019.

Top Three Digital Marketing Trends

When you contact AdComm Advertising, we will explain the many different types of digital marketing available to you. However, consider these three top trends specifically. You want your business to appear ahead of the curve, and employing the following digital marketing strategies, your success is nearly guaranteed.

Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing is a buzz word that gets thrown around a lot in digital market circles. But, this strategy has a very clear purpose when employed effectively by advertising agencies like AdComm Advertising.

Omnichannel marketing means that you are employing marketing touchpoints in every available channel. You don’t have to use every available digitally. However, you will want a marketing touchpoint in every channel your ideal customer uses. These channels could include Facebook and Instagram stories, SMS, Live chat or broadcasts, apps for Smartphones, print ads, direct mail, email campaigns, or podcasts.

There are a plethora of channels available for omnichannel marketing. Let AdComm Advertising help you choose the ones most likely to help your business succeed.

Video marketing

Along with a focus on omnichannel marketing, 2019 saw an increase in the importance of video marketing. Most potential customers spend a lot of time watching videos online. These could include YouTube videos, Facebook and Instagram live feeds or videos on your business’s website.

Consumers in 2019 demand a personal association with you and your business. They want professional-looking videos that show you use and enjoying your products. Examples of the types of video companies successful in video marketing run include how-to videos, testimonials, influencer interviews or reviews, product show and tell, and more.

At AdComm Advertising, we have a full-service graphic arts and web development studio plus a full video editing suite. Our focus on video production and editing will only help you increase the visibility of your company online.


The final digital marketing trend in 2019 to watch out for is personalization. Personalization has always played a role in marketing strategies. However, 2019’s customers demand a personalized ad and marketing experience. Personalization can be as simple as a customer’s name added to email content to more elaborate strategies.

When you contact AdComm Advertising to help you with your next digital marketing campaign, you will get a tour through the many ways you can personalize the experience for your customers. Some personalization options include product recommendations or social media messages for each specific person, targeted emails, or personalized web content. Let AdComm Advertising help you craft the personalization that is right for your customers. Contact us today