TV and Video Editing

Getting exactly what you want in and out of a TV spot can be a real challenge, and now getting the results from your social media videos can be just as challenging. At Adcomm we are proud of an  incredible history of over 30 years in commercial TV production. Having produced and executive produced hundreds of TV commercials, We have generated well over A Billion Dollars in direct response and retail revenue for our clients. The latest video and editing equipment, limitless production and talent resources assures the highest quality production. 

The Shift from Traditional TV to Social Medial

Experience has also taught us that there are times when a client’s product or service may call for a very specific production need. Whether it’s our drone for aerial shots, or an outside specialty crew creating a snow storm in Florida, Adcomm will use the right people and equipment to accomplish the job to create  the best possible commercial. Most importantly, whether in-house or out, we can satisfy all your TV production needs including scripts, shoots, casting, voice overs and editing. 

Traditional advertising and TV spots still important but as consumers change their viewing and buying habits, the industry has been evolving. We have taken all our experience in production and have used that to create new, compelling pieces for online, social ads and media campaigns. No matter what your needs, with years of experience in successful national advertising campaigns Adcomm is ready to add your company to our client family.

Services We Offer

Cast, Produce and Direct

Work with modeling agencies & talent, location & studio setups, voice over, music sourcing

Script Writing

Custom scripts for short form, long form and social media content


Full production, Executive Producer working with outside production facilities, camera crews, lighting crews, audio crews

Editing – Video and Audio

Avid Media composer edit suite, Adobe After Effects, Audio editing, HD to 4K sources & scalable resolutions for any video requirement

Why Choose Adcomm?

Adcomm Advertising is a one stop to Produce, Edit and Deliver Content

Our team knows the importance of creating compelling, sharable content

The ability to integrate social media packages with custom video content

And most importantly on time delivery of the a great spot, at a great price

We help our clients achieve success through offline and online marketing.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and are looking for the perfect partner, let’s chat!