Website Design & Development

Today’s highly competitive digital ecosystem demands consistently creative web solutions.

Adcomm Advertising’s mission is to build a better internet, one website at a time. Recognized as a top global digital agency, we believe that by using proven web development standards and cutting-edge website design, your brand’s website will stand out above the competition for many years. Adcomm knows that your website is a significant investment of time and capital. You deserve it to be done the right way, the first time. Adcomm will be the last digital agency your company ever needs.

Website Design

Before a line of code is ever touched, we design the perfect web experience for you customer.

It is important to note the difference between website design and website development. The website design phase is where all the important decisions are made. We use a free tool called Adobe XD to collaborate and communicate with clients throughout the design process. Let’s take a look at some of the key elements of the website design process.

Key Elements In Effective Web Design


During the website design process, a sitemap is created, and wireframes are produced for all page templates. A wireframe is a highly simplified, block level version of the website that lays out where all important elements will be placed within the flow of the page. Wireframes help designers and clients visualize how navigation will be organized, how content will be arranged, and where all conversion optimized calls to action will be placed. This phase is also a great time to decide how site elements will flow between various devices and screen sizes.


Typography is one of the most important elements in website design. Our web designers work to choose the correct combination of fonts, sizes, letter heights and letter spacing to keep your content front and center. Keeping your typography organized, consistent and easy to read will guide customers through your message efficiently. Distinct typographical patterns also make it easier for web developers to later turn your design into semantic code that can be easily digested by search engines.

Color Palette

Deciding on a website color palette means more than just matching your brand’s logo colors. Choosing colors with proper contrast ratios will ensure legibility of all content, links and buttons. Contrast ratio is also a key requirement for making your website ADA (Web Accessibility) compliant. Color can also be used in patterns to guide your users through navigation, draw attention to headlines, accentuate interactions and of course, add aesthetic appeal that draws users in.

White Space

Though the term can be deceiving (white space doesn’t actually have to be WHITE!) it is an essential part of all modern websites. White space refers to the use of space between elements to allow a customer’s eyes to focus. Creating a comfortable rhythm to your website gives users the chance to find exactly what they’re looking for and take informed action which leads to them staying on your site longer. A tightly packed screen of content and images generally becomes “noise” and a user is likely to skip over the most important parts of your message. We’ve seen the difference use of white space makes through A/B and dynamic heat map testing. Though it may be tempting to cram all your sales pitches into the phantom “above the fold”, you’ll have much greater success utilizing the infinite canvas that the modern web now affords us.

Images & Video

Images & videos have become a staple for the modern web, and it is important to select ones that best represent your brand and target market. When possible, we highly suggest using original photos taken by a professional photographer. When this just isn’t possible, Adcomm’s experienced designers will help you find the best stock imagery available to give your website the WOW facture it needs.

Website Development

Our experienced team of developers turn your website designs into the real thing…fast!

Once your website design has been approved, we’ll pass it along to our web development team to create the best web solution for your business. Our team has experience developing websites on many popular Content Management Systems (CMS) including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify and more! They also love to roll up their sleeves and dig into custom solutions when an existing platform just won’t cut it.

Every website we build is responsive with a mobile first approach. We’ll make sure that the code behind your website is clean, optimized for speed, security and the future. Adcomm Advertising develops functionality tailored to your business needs. We empower you to take control of your website’s content so that you can get the most out of your internet presence every day!

We help our clients achieve success through offline and online marketing.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and are looking for the perfect partner, let’s chat!